Before accessing or using our services, please carefully read our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop using the Kuzhebao service. By using or continuing to use our services, you agree to our collection, use, storage, and sharing of your relevant information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We can modify this policy at any time without prior notice, and the policy may apply to any personal information we have regarding you, as well as any new personal information collected after the policy modification. If we make any changes, we will notify you by the date of the revision of this privacy policy. If such revisions result in a substantial reduction of rights under this privacy policy, We will notify you by prominently displaying on the homepage or sending you electronic components or other means before the revision takes effect. If you are located in a jurisdiction outside the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or the European countries (collectively referred to as "European countries"), if you continue to ask or use our services after receiving the change notice, it means that you accept the updated policy.


In addition, we may provide you with real-time exposure or additional information regarding the personal information processing practices of specific parts of our services, which may supplement this policy or provide you with other options on how we process your personal information.


Contact Us 1. When you transmit our services, we collect personal information, create an account here, or submit personal information according to website requirements. Personal information is usually any information related to you, identifying your personal identity or can be used to identify your identity, such as your name, electronic part address, phone number, address, and payment account. The definition of Renren Information varies by jurisdiction, and this Privacy Policy only applies to your location. Personal information does not include data that has been irreversibly anonymized or aggregated. Therefore, whether combined with other information or in any other way, it is no longer possible for us to identify you. The types of information we may collect include but are not limited to:


You directly and voluntarily provide us with the A information to execute the purchase or service contract, and we collect the personal information you provide when using our services. The relevant personal information you provide to us when registering for an account or using our services, such as phone number, email or bank long number, will include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, payment account or credit card information. In some regions, passport information and tax number are also required for customs clearance. When you communicate with any of our departments (such as customer service), or when you complete online forms or surveys provided on the website, we may also collect personal information. You can also choose to provide your email address for use, and if you would like to receive relevant information, we offer products and services such as Casey Foundation Communications.


B. Provide us with the information you have provided to improve our products and services. You can voluntarily provide us with your personal information and preferences. We use this information to recommend suitable products and provide you with corresponding services.


C. If you post information on the website, such as customer comments, in the public area of the website, the information may be collected and used by sdcfdj.com, the users of the website, and the general public. We strongly recommend that you do not post any information on this website that strangers can recognize or locate you, or that you are unwilling to share with the public.


D. The information you provide through our real-time chat on the website. You can provide personal information through our online chat room, which is available 24 hours a day on the website. We strongly recommend that you do not post any information you do not want to share with chat employees through real-time chat


E Information: You are required to participate in a lottery, and we may occasionally ask you to fill out a survey questionnaire or give you the opportunity to participate in promotions, programs (such as the Sdcfdj.com program) Or oil awards collectively referred to as "Promotion" is conducted through this website or through third-party platforms. The personal information you provide to us when registering an account or using our services, such as phone numbers, emails, etc., the shared information you provide to others through our services, and the information stored when you use our services. Such information should be subject to this privacy policy, unless the official rules or guidelines of the promotion or applicable to the promotion are applicable The other privacy policy of the action has other instructions.


The information we collect related to promotional activities will be used to manage promotional activities, such as notifying winners and distributing prizes. Subject to applicable laws, your information may also be used for marketing purposes by us or promotional sponsors. Your participation in promotional activities may result in your information being added to our mailing list and our promotional partner's mailing list. Accepting prizes may require you, unless prohibited by law, to allow us to publicly publish your information through the website, such as on the winner's page


F automatically collects information through the website, and when you use this website, we may automatically collect personal information about you. For example, if you access this website through a computer, we will automatically collect information such as your browser type and version, computer and connection information, network protocol "P" address, and standard network log information. If you have not accessed this website through mobile devices, we may also recognize the location of your mobile devices. You can adjust the location service settings of your mobile device and choose not to share your location details with us. For instructions on changing relevant settings, please contact your service provider or device manufacturer. Please refer to Section 2 below for more information about our automated personal information processing activities.


2. Cookies and other tracking technologies. We may use cookies, tags, and similar technologies to automatically collect information about our services. These tracking technologies enable our technical partners to collect information, including your computer's IP address, your mobile device identifier, the type of internet browser you are using, operating system, recommended URLs, date/time, pages viewed, and simple key words. Cookies or tags are code bits that allow our technical partners to collect information, including your computer's IP address, your mobile device identifier, the type of internet browser you are using, operating system, recommended URL, date, timestamp, viewed page, and simple keyword tags. We also use network pixels to analyze the usage patterns on our website.


A. Cookies are small webpage files transmitted by a website or its provider to your device's hard drive through a web browser, allowing the website or supplier's system to recognize your browser and remember certain information


Generally speaking, we use first party and third-party cookies for the following purposes: to ensure the normal operation of our services, provide a secure browsing experience during your use of our services, collect passive information about your use of our services, measure your interaction with our marketing activities, help us improve our services, and remember your preferences for your convenience.


We use the following types of cookies on our services: absolutely necessary cookies. These cookies are essential as they enable you to use our services. For example, strictly necessary cookies allow you to access the secure areas of our services, and without these cookies, certain services will not be available. These cookies will not collect information about you for marketing purposes. This type of Cokie is crucial for the operation of our services. And they cannot be disabled


Functional cookies. We use feature cookies to remember your choices, so we can customize our services and provide you with enhanced features and personalized content. For example, these cookies can be used to remember your name or preferences on our services. We do not use functional cookies for online marketing targeting you. Although these cookies can be disabled, this may result in reduced functionality during your use of our services.


Performance or cookie analysis. These cookies collect passive information about how you use our services, including the web pages you visit and the links you click on. We use the information collected by such cookies to improve and optimize our services. We will not use these cookies for online marketing targeting you. You can disable these cookies.


Advertising or targeted cookies. These cookies are designed to make advertising information more relevant to you. Their functions include preventing identical ads from appearing repeatedly, ensuring proper advertising for advertisers, and in some cases, selecting ads based on your interests. Our third-party advertising partners may use these cookies to create your interest profile and provide related ads on other websites. You can disable the use of these cookies as follows:


B. Other tracking techniques, in order to understand the execution of our marketing campaigns or other website goals, we sometimes use conversion pixels, which trigger a small line of code to tell us when you clicked on a specific button or reached a specific page. (For example, after you complete the subscription process for our services or complete our form, a thank-you message will be displayed.). We also use network pixels to analyze the usage patterns on our website. The use of pixels allows Sdcfdj.com to record specific devices, browsers, or applications accessing specific web pages.


C. Your choice, your browser may provide you with the option to reject some or all browser cookies, or you can delete cookies from your browser. You can follow these steps to adjust your preferences related to cookies provided on our website.


First pancake. You can use your browser to enable Disable or delete (for this, please follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located in "Help", "Tools", or "Edit" settings) . Please note that if you set the browser to disable cookies, you may not be able to access the security zone of this website. Additionally, if you disable cookies, other parts of the service may not function properly. You can find more information on how to change browser cookie settings on//www.alaboutcookiess.org.


Mobile advertising: If you do not receive these messages in various European countries, you can follow the instructions we have sent to you and choose to unsubscribe on the device. If you choose to follow us, we will remove all the evidence about you and will not collect any further data. The random ID previously assigned to you will be deleted. Therefore, if you decide to wash and join at a later stage, we will not be able to use the previous D to continue with you. Actually, you will become a new user. If you are located in a European country, the Cookie Horizontally on our website will provide you with the opportunity to agree to use your mobile advertising logo for certain types of advertising by accessing the settings on your mobile device,


We do not control third-party collection or use of your information to provide interest based advertising. However, these third parties may provide you with methods to choose not to collect or use your information in this way. In addition, most web browsers provide help pages related to setting cookie preferences


D. If you are not in a European country, we may use third-party service providers to monitor and analyze the usage of our website.


E-behavior re marketing. We also have Tian Re Marketing Services post advertisements to you on third-party websites after you visit our wind stations or services. If you are not in a European country, we and our third-party suppliers will use cookies to notify, optimize, and advertise based on your past visits to our services. We are motivated by


For other tracking technologies, we may also use tracking technology to collect "click flow" data, provide domain names for internet access services, your backup type, to connect your computer to the P location connected to the internet, your browser type and version, operating system and platform, average time spent on our website, webpage views, search content, visit time, and other related statistical data, And assign a unique identifier to devices or other credentials that you use to access the website for the same purpose.


Our website and our email can be combined as network beacons, also known as transparent GIs, such as index tags and single pixel GIF electronic devices. These features allow us to calculate the number of users who have opened emails on these pages and conduct other related website statistics. (For example, record the popularity of certain website content and verify the integrity of the system and server).


Our website's pages may also use Lava scripts, which embed code snippets from various parts of the website and application to facilitate various operations, including accelerating the refresh speed of certain features or monitoring the usage of various online components; They are HTTP code mechanisms. Allow for storing some content of the "wait to save" website in your browser to speed up website growth, as well as TML5 local storage, allowing for storing "wait to save" website content in your browser for storing and retrieving data on HTML5 pages when visiting the website again.


G. Do not track certain internet browsing devices, such as lnteret Exore and Firefox safe, including the ability to transmit "no follow" or "NT" signals. Due to the lack of a unified standard for "DNT" signals, our website E does not process or respond to "DNT" signals


H. Location information, you can adjust the settings of your device in the following ways so that information about your physical location will not be sent to us or third parties: (a) disable location services in device settings, or b) deny access to location information to certain websites or mobile applications by changing the relevant preferences and permissions in your mobile device or browser settings. Please note that your location may come from your WF, Bluetooth, or other unused devices. For more information, please refer to your device settings.


3. How do we use your personal information? We only retain your personal information for the necessary period of time for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and the time limit required by laws and regulations.


a. We provide you with our services. We will use your personal information to provide the information or perform the services you request, including managing your requests as registered users on our website. If applicable information will be provided by a second party or services will be performed by a third party, we will disclose applicable information to the third party providing the information or performing the applicable services. We will only retain your personal information for the period necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and the time limit required by laws and regulations.


8. Internally, we use your personal information to drive our business, including analyzing where our website is located, on what type of device, and how it is being used, how many questioners we receive, and where they click on the website, in order to improve the content and functionality of our website. If you visit our website again, we will also use it to remember you, This way we can know if you have already been investigated, or (website content is currently being tested) which version of content you are accepting.


We will provide you with letters related to services, and we will send you management or account related information to keep you updated on the latest information about your account and services.

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