Damascus Steel Knife Set Abalone Shell Handle


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Product Specification:
Ⅰ.Abalone Shell 3.5-inch Fruit Knife
Ⅰ.Abalone Shellfish 5-inch Fruit Knife
Ⅰ.Abalone Shellfish 6-inch Cutter
Ⅰ.Abalone Shell 7-inch Santoku Knife
Ⅰ.Abalone Shellfish 6.8-inch Small Vegetable Knife
Ⅰ.Abalone Shellfish 8-inch Chef's Knife
Ⅰ.Abalone Shell 6.8-inch Chinese Kitchen Knife
Ⅱ. Carbon fiber 3.5 inch fruit knife
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 5-inch Fruit Knife
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 6-inch Meat Cutter
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 7-inch Santoku Knife
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 6.8-inch Kitchen Knife
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 8-inch Chef's Knife
Ⅱ.Carbon Fiber 6.8-inch Chinese Kitchen Knife
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